Space Prophet Dogon

R. Kelly

Your songs, and why?

Sun City Girls: “Space Prophet Dogon”
Also the song “Shining Path,” from the same album, Torch of the Mystics.

Cranes: something from Wings of Joy, like “Watersong,” “Starblood,” or “Thursday”.

Space Prophet Dogon” was the last song played at my wedding and we were in the center of a room screaming the words like fools turning in a circle – openings – closings – like the end of a rave exhausted/exhilarated – Corales – looking out toward dense possibilities.

Where and when?

I imagine it would be a simple memorial somewhere in nature – ideally someone would be ceremonially chopping my carcass up for some vultures.

Your “no-go” songs?

Absolutely can NOT have “Why Can’t This be Love” by Van Hagar, and nothing by Jethro Tull.