If you’d like to share yours, you can email it to Juan and Jenifer, at and . Please include your name, age and city/place of residence as you wish to see it posted. (First name only is best, to protect your privacy.)

Please note: this is not a site for working out active death issues, or suicidal ideation. We are artists doing a project, not trained hospice volunteers or crisis counselors (at least, not yet). We lovingly and compassionately encourage you to go here or here, instead.

Our 4 Basic Questions
You can keep it brief, and you don’t have to answer all 4 questions.
Under 500 words if possible; 300 words seems to be the sweet spot.

1. What is a song (or songs) that you would want shared with friends/family after you die?

2. Why? What is it about this piece/these pieces?

3. How do you want it shared (quiet memorial, festive dance party, etc)?

4. What are your “no-go” songs (that is, what would make you turn in your grave if someone played this monstrosity)?

Initials or pseudonym also OK, to keep things reasonably private on the site.
It's nice to know how old you are, to see whether songs differ over age ranges.
It's good to know where you live, to see if songs vary by place.
Your responses to the 4 questions. 500 words or less, please.