This is a project about the soundtrack of our lives, or our death songs, to put it another way–that is, the song or songs that you would want played at your funeral, memorial, celebration of life, or whatever event you envision your loved ones gathering for.

We asked people to answer variations on a few simple questions:

  • What is a song (or songs) that you would want shared with friends/family after you die?
  • Why? What is it about this piece/these pieces?
  • How do you want it shared (quiet memorial, festive dance party, etc)?
  • What are your no-go songs (that is, what would make you turn in your grave if someone played this monstrosity)?

It’s not as morbid a subject as it seems; the responses we’ve gotten have been surprising, touching, reflective, and sometimes funny. If anything, it’s about identity, love, joy, celebration and life more than it’s about death. Please read and enjoy.

Juan Luna-Avin
Jenifer K Wofford