Not Dead, Not Dying

Mark, 57
San Francisco

“See you on the flip-side!”

There are many songs I’ve written and recorded. I would like some of them played for friends at a celebration in a sweet space with nice food and plentiful drink. A time-place to laugh or sigh. Those who knew me may hear these with fresh-ear perspective. Others might gain insight into what I was about…

Not Dead, Not Dying” is about survival, the mid section began as a song called “Night Prayer.”

“Just before you sleep
Take a deep breath of air
And stop to think of the peace that you have.
And right before you dream
Take a good long look at life
And right before you scream
Face the truths the world denied you”

Endwaltz” I wrote for my late partner Jack the night one of his oldest friends passed. Jack was in shock, I suspect contemplating his own mortality. He loved this demo we made and even tried to get his Opera star friends to record it! We played this demo at the eventual memorial for his friend. We later played this at Jack’s celebration of life and when our dog Tibet died five years hence I made this video for the universe. I take much solace knowing hundreds have found some healing from this song.

Miracle Song” may well be my favorite composition as it represents the spirit keeping us artists going in the face of adversity. Listen close for the sage whisper at the end improvised by our singer: “Don’t forget to breathe.”

Astrophobia” is from a musical I’ve been massaging for years ( Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. Aim for the stars.

Big Beautiful Dipper” was written one night while looking at the stars, feeling dwarfed by the universe. “I know it all. I know nothing. And I can’t connect the stars at all.”

Dove” is another survival song which I would played last so people leave on an upbeat note, hopefully humming the ear-worm: “Hey, lahhh… La de da dah…. La de da dah… I’m ok.”