The Landscape Speaks

JKP, 62

I have 3 songs to be sung in this order.
I would like a memorial, and a dance party after.

1. “The Landscape Speaks”

I wrote the words and Chris put it to music. It’s the fourth chapter of our collaborative Music of the Lost Cities video. I’d like it to be played with the video.

2. “Lumalabay Nga Daw Asu – Like the Mist Rising From the Lake”

This is a traditional Visayan folk song, translation by Joel V. Bravo in one of the songbooks my mother Eunice published when we lived in the Philippines.

Songs from the Visayas are the most beautiful. This was the last song we sang as my mother’s memorial and I would like it to be sung by everyone at mine.

Like the mist rising from the lake before the day warms, Life arises out of the dark, our spirit takes form, Love alone survives, Ahay, when this body dies, Ahay, our spirits will rise, Ahay, like mist when it warms…Life is short, Life is short, When will we all awake and see running after wealth only brings us heartache. When we realize, Ahay, The joy that love buys, Ahay, True peace will arise, Ahay, like mist from the lake.

3. “Born to be Wild,” Steppenwolf

I used to lock the door to my air-conditioned teenage bedroom and put this record on my little turntable and dance my heart out. A predictor of things to come.

Your “no-go” songs?

Just play what I request and other live music is good, and I trust that people will play good music to dance to!