Once in a Lifetime

Megan, 22
San Francisco

Your song, and why?

“Once in a Lifetime,” Talking Heads

There were a lot of songs that I initially thought of for this, but I settled on “Once in a Lifetime.” (I would like to note that “Cars” by Gary Numan was a very close second. Why? I have no idea, which is why I chose the other song.)

Some probably think that this song would be out of place at a funeral and I think they would be completely right. Honestly, I kind of like the idea of switching things up even in the afterlife. For me, “Once in a Lifetime” prompts a state of reflection, and I like the idea of people reflecting on their own lives at a loved one’s funeral/memorial.

Sometimes when someone dies, there’s a little pang to re-evaluate how your own life is going. It’s a reminder to appreciate and embrace what you have, because you don’t know when you’ll lose it. “Once in a Lifetime” gives my funeral-goers this opportunity, as well as an opportunity to dance it up just a little bit.

Where/how to share it?

I would definitely want this song played in a more festive atmosphere. I can’t make things too awkward and play it during a more somber moment. At my age, I haven’t thought too much about my own funeral (or death for that matter), but I would probably want my funeral to be more of a celebration of life. I definitely want a big party at some point during this.

Your “no-go” songs?

My no-go songs would be anything by KISS, Fleetwood Mac, or Mary J. Blige. Not because I don’t like these artists, but because these are a few of my parents’ favorite artists and if they are at my funeral I wouldn’t want to taint their favorite music with the sadness of my passing. For my loved ones who love Talking Heads, I apologize.