Long Lost Engine

Eliza, 50
San Francisco

Your songs, and why?

I have a whole slew of songs I’d like to share, beginning with my first album (12″ of “Rapper’s Delight”) to easy listening 70’s (Poco, Ambrosia) to “Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin, Jean Michel Jarre (“Zoolook”) to Tones on Tails (“Slender Fungus”) to SZA’s “Sweet November”. But here are my 3 tops, only because I could listen and re-listen to them; they were also indelible markers to specific moments in my life.

“Long Lost Engine,” Tape, 2005
Always made me feel like something was about to happen..the epitome of anticipation, burgeoning. The soundtrack to my first trip to Buenos Aires. The soundtrack while creating my art installation, Juncture, both in Hawaii and in SF.

“Nostalgia,” David Sylvian, 1994
Reminds me of the rain in San Diego. The smell of wet warm asphalt. 16 and driving Dad’s Mustang. The hour long drive to a used record store to find new music. I remember the raindrops on the window as I was driving up 805 N then 94 E – extending from circular bubbles to streaks. The essence of clove cigarettes lingering – excited about the possibility of finding new music. Even though I worked at a record store, it was always about the hunt at Blue Meanies or Off The Record.

“Ces Petits Riens,” Angelique Kidjo, 2002
Even though it’s a Serge Gainsbourg classic – Angelique’s version elicits the bittersweetness of the lyrics (well the translation of the lyrics). Just reminds me of the futileness in the expectation of life/living, meaning the very act of “expectation” somehow, someway, ruins it.

“Better think of nothing
Than think not at all
Nothing is already
Nothing is already a lot
We remember nothing
And since we forget everything
Nothing’s far better
Nothing’s far better than everything”

Where/how to share these?

Ambient in the best place ever – playing in a luxurious bathroom with a toilet that has a seat warmer and bidet.

Your no-go songs?

OH – definitely NOT Kenny G; no smooth jazz. I think I was ruined by San Diego, and Humphrey’s by the Bay.

Here’s a Spotify link to a full playlist.