Into the Mystic

Christine, 41

Your song, and why?

Into the Mystic,” Van Morrison

I’m not even a huge Morrison fan, but something about Moondance is timeless. This song speaks to my soul. I’m not sure I understand the lyrics, but I know they are about transcendence and connection with the universe. Morrison might’ve explored this in his own metaphysical way.

I also really like that this is a song of celebration, of “coming home” and the unstoppable passage of time. It’s also really soothing. I want people to remember that a funeral can be a celebration of life—that it’s OK to have, share, and express positive feelings of love, celebration, joy, gratitude, and remembrance, even if there is grief and sadness too.

How do you want it shared?

There’s no way for this not to be awkward, because I imagine my family and friends will have to negotiate their attitudes around a sad funeral and a warm celebration of life, and of singing in public, but I hope people will sing this song collectively.

I rarely sing collectively with others. But there is something about joining your voice with others that creates a shared experience that physiologically and psychologically shifts how you experience this moment in your body. I hope it’s a pleasant experience.

Your no-go songs?

Honestly, I just hope that between now and whenever I pass, there isn’t some horrible news about Van Morrison being a creep, racist, or terrible person. If that comes to pass, then any song by Van Morrison would be a no-go. Also, if this song becomes co-opted by a corporation, and you can’t help but think first of that corporation rather than hearing the song on its own terms, then it would become a no-go too.