Rainbow Connection

ER, child of the 80s
San Francisco

Your song/songs?

So easy– i have my whole shindig outlined for my partner (because of course I will go first):
Rainbow Connection.” Not a cover. Has to be the little green guy strumming on his banjo.

If I had to have another song, I always thought Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” could be kind of comforting/ upbeat 🙂 And if I had to have a third song… “Here Comes the Sun“… on a ukelele.


Hmm. They’re all a reflection of my goofy, Muppets-, dance-, ocean-loving self. I wouldn’t want peeps to be sad, but to just celebrate their quirky friend/ partner/ family member.

How do you want it shared?

When they paddle my remains out into the pacific.

Your no-go song?

On Eagle’s Wings.