Jurassic Park

Kyle, 35
New Orleans/San Francisco

Your songs?

Theme Song to Jurassic Park, John Williams, composer

People usually pick something kind of overwrought and sentimental, like Ave Maria or Amazing Grace. So I wanted to still fill that need, and it’s still a sentimental song. It’s kind of goofy, but it’s also… uplifting. I like that there’ll be the humor of it, associating your death with a movie about dinosaurs. It’s about an extinct species that lives again. Which can also double as a meaning about how maybe someday you’ll be back, too. Part of you might be trapped in amber. But also, I just love that cheesy, corny song. (laughs)

People who know me know my sense of humor, and so they would both think it’s funny and ridiculous and absurd. But it’s also some of John Williams’ best work. It’s got those swells that make you want to tear up anyway, so…I think the vast majority of people would also recognize it right away, and get the joke, but not be afraid to cry along with the song. Those are some good strings!!

Number 1 Song in Heaven, by Sparks

It’s got this ridiculous long dreamy outro. And it was produced by Giorgio Moroder, so.it’s got the party in it… it’s got the funk. But it’s also kind of tongue-in-cheek, funny-man: Sparks were always being goofy. It’s just a really beautiful, haunting song that’s got this breakdown in the middle, and suddenly it’s a disco dance song.

Other thoughts on the event or the playlist?

There will be a dance party. Jurassic Park is like a segueway piece; it’s the equivalent of Closer Walk With Thee. You’ve got the slow part that’s Jurassic Park, and then the drums come in and kick up. And then it’s a dance party.

I don’t want the memorial part to be very long. Because the memorial are the people that are there. Not the ceremony. If people want to say things about me, there’ll be a bar by the dance floor.

If I’m still coming up with more songs for this dance party playlist in my 70s, maybe my friends aren’t gonna be able to dance with the same intensity as maybe they would in youth. So…maybe “Irreplaceable.” That’s got a good pace, it’s not too hard on your body. It’s got some instructions for people who…well, not that I would invite anyone who doesn’t know how to dance to Beyonce. But not that I have a say in the invitations, anyway. Guess I’m lucky.

Your No-Go Songs?

Definitely cut the schmaltz. That’s what Jurassic Park’s for. If folks wanna go home and listen to Phish and cry about me that’s fine, but that’s not me…everyone will always have their own memories and associations, and you can’t control that. You can try to guide the celebration but if somebody remembers me for being the guy who hated the Barenaked Ladies song “One Week” so that’s the song that makes them think of me and cry, that’s fine, but…I hate that song and it’s not getting played at my memorial!