La Allah Dayim Moulenah

San Francisco

La Allah Dayim Moulenah, Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders

Song(s) you want played, and why?

Artist: Maleen Mahmoud Ghania With Pharoah Sanders
Album: The Trance of Seven Colors
Track: La Allah Dayim Moulenah

This song found me in the spring of 2017. Early in the morning. Probably around 5:43am. Despite being an early bird, it does often take me a minute to wake up all the way. However, the day this found me I found myself immediately up on my feet. Far before you extended this invitation, I had it in mind that this would be something I’d like played after my transition into the next life. Because that is exactly what it sounds like. It doesn’t sound like mourning. It sounds like celebration. The celebration of a life fully lived. While I don’t know the exact translation, google translate has it as “god, of god, daem maulana.”