Celebrated Summer

Meg, 53

Your song, and why?

Celebrated Summer, Hüsker Dü

In high school, my best friend George and I were diehard fans of punk music, both from the UK and early punk in the US. Hailing from a small town, it was our way of connecting to the world, and to a subculture that allowed us to release some of our teenage angst. I left for college in 1983 with my record collection in tow, and when this album hit the following year, I was in love. This song is on Hüsker Dü’s 1984 album New Day Rising and it was everything to me, and it was everything about me. It is defiant, quick, funny, restless, poetic, relentless, and a little crazy. This band, that time, and that song helped me understand who I was and who I still am. When I listen to it now I hear exactly what I heard back then – this is my energy, my hopefulness, my defiance, my independence… I would like to be remembered like that.

How do you want it shared?

I want people to listen to it in private with their headphones on, or in a room by themselves – turned up LOUD.

Your “no-go” songs?

I love music, constantly seek out new bands, wait for songs/albums to drop, go to live shows, and am open to music from a lot of different genres. BUT please don’t play anything sappy. I’m not sappy, and I think it would ring false.