Someday Soon

Laurie, 45

Someday Soon, Judy Collins

Your song/s, and why?

The first song that comes to mind is “Someday Soon” because it’s a sweet tune about optimism and innocence, with a touch of rebellion. After all, there’s that “damned ol’ rodeo,” and you bet I love to belt out that line.

If it comes to pass that there is a “memorial,” I want people to enjoy themselves. “Someday Soon” makes me smile, and perhaps it will make other people smile, too.

Come, sit on my (hopefully shallow, so the plants and animals can feed on me) grave or frolic among my ashes, as the case may be. Read a book, work on your knitting, do whatever.

If you’re feeling introspective or need a little soothing, I really enjoy and heartily recommend Nils Økland and Sigbjørn Apeland’s album Lysøen – Hommage à Ole Bull.

If you need to let loose, put on The Germs!

Your no-go song/s?

Really, I’d be most curious to know what other people would choose to represent me, but better that i won’t be in a position to hear it, in case i’ve been misrepresented!

Also, I reserve the right to change my mind until the day I die. I would be super bummed if someone broke out the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Mötley Crüe or some other band that I really can’t stand, but thankfully, I won’t have to endure it at that point. (I’ll make an exception for “Live Wire.” That’s not a bad song.)