A Song for Sita

Sita, 36

Your song/s, and why?

I would want someone to write a song for me. I plan on living for a long time and I’m not sure who will outlive me, so I can’t be sure who will still be alive to write this song. However, it should be written or commissioned by someone who knew me very well. It should look back on my life and sure, make fun of me a little, but also put me on a pedestal. I think I should be on something of a pedestal after I die. I’m thinking a classic son or a serenata but with inventive lyrics about la MamaSita. I’ve always wanted a window serenade. Maybe there should be a sing-along verse and definitely a booming solo.

I’m an artist; I don’t want some cookie cutter song! Plus, I don’t get most American pop music. I have no idea who is singing what or why on the radio. Most of it baffles me. Growing up, we only listened to cassette tapes of the Suzuki Violin Method over and over (and over) again in the car and anyone who plays that at my funeral will be damned. So I figure, I need my own song.

Where/how to share these?

Performed live, please. Like me, it should be a little exaggerated, sincere, funny, and true. Please invite La Pelanga to DJ the funeral. I want people to get down and I also want Federico Ardila (DJ Papicultor) to play some of those folk tracks with strained crying vocals and danceable Colombian vallenatos, and for Arjuna Sayyed (DJ Smokestack) to bring in the heartbreaking Bengali tunes. There should also be conch shell blowing because, as a Bengali, nothing important happens without the blowing of a conch shell.

Your “no-go” songs?

Please don’t play anything I wouldn’t listen to in my lifetime. This includes a lot of gringo pop music, noisy dissonant things, misogynist things, and especially no Christian rock. I’m turning over in my grave right now. Victor has a Sita-approved playlist. He can tell you what is not permissible.